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Sunlit Series (360W-385W)

Sunlit Series (385W-405W)

  • Using highly efficient Passivated Emitter Rear Contact Technology (PERC) cells resulting in Excellence Low Light and Longer Wavelength Response
  • Range- 385W-405W
  • Efficiency up to 19.86%
  • 12% Higher Power Output compared to industry average poly crystalline module
  • Extremely Narrow Power Binning Tolerance of +2.5 Wp to reduce current mismatch loss in single string
  • Maximum System Voltage Increased to 1500VDC (IEC & UL), increased string length, low BOS cost
  • Designed for large scale utility applications with 27 Years of Linear Performance Warranty
  • Certified Salt mist and Ammonia resistance
  • Certified for Sand and Dust Test
  • Certified for PID resistance
  • Length × Width × Height : 1956 × 992 × 40 mm

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