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Hybrid off-grid solar

Hybrid off-grid solar

We specialize in grid-connected rooftop solar power plant design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Residential, communal, institutional, industrial, and commercial institutions are all served by us. The DC power generated by the SPV module is converted to AC power using a power conditioning unit and fed into the grid via 33 kV/11 kV three-phase lines or 440/220 Volt three/single

They create electricity during the day, which is fully consumed by powering captive loads, and they feed excess electricity to the grid as long as the grid is available. The captive loads are powered by the grid when insufficient solar power, owing to cloud cover or other factors. The grid-interactive rooftop system can operate on a net metering basis, in which the beneficiary only pays the utility based on net meter readings. On the other hand, two meters can be installed to divide the power export and import. Many of these power plants can be erected on the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings, housing societies, community centers, government and private institutions, and so on. Grid interactive systems, in theory, do not need battery backup because the grid serves as a backup for feeding excess solar power and vice versa. However, a minimum battery backup of one hour of load capacity is advised to improve overall system performance reliability.


You are reducing your reliance on fossil-fuel-based electricity generation and encouraging the use of environmentally benign solar power. You may profit from your investment in a Grid-connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant with net metering /feed-in-tariff services in addition to saving money on electricity bills. The excess power created by the Solar Power Plant will be fed into the grid, with DISCOMS paying for this excess power. You are reducing carbon dioxide emissions and assisting in the fight against global climate change.