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About Us

Our team has decades of experience designing and producing solar PV modules and total solar PV solutions. To be a global leader in providing renewable energy products and solutions that contribute as much green energy to the earth as possible while saving our customers money and energy.

Matri Shree Techno Industries is committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring total customer satisfaction. BIS approved our products and complied with IS 14286:2010/IEC 61215:2005, IS/IEC 61730 (Part 1):2004, and IS/IEC 61730 (Part 2):2004.

Matri Shree Techno Industries is a well-known provider of grid-connected and off-grid solar power systems/packs, solar AC/DC surface and submersible water pumps, solar street lights, and any other bespoke system containing an inverter, battery, and charge controller.

Matri Shree Techno Industries provides complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services with a TURNKEY solution for solar power plants and projects of any size in India and neighbouring countries, from idea to completion.

We adhere to ISO 9001:2015 standards in our operations.

We are also approved producers and suppliers of Solar PV Modules and Solar PV Products by state nodal authorities.

To provide green energy to our planet by utilizing the world's most efficient source of energy, the Sun. Matri Shree goal is to maximize the utilization of the Sun's energy while conserving the earth's fuel for other purposes.

We are reputed manufactured / supplier in India. We are expanding rapidly to achieve our organization's goals of Premium Quality, On-Time Delivery, Cost-Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction.

Defining our mission and vision statements is ongoing; they will change as the organization evolves and grows.

Mission -

Our objective is to continue assisting in the growth of the worldwide solar energy sector to make solar energy a clean, reliable, and accessible energy source for everyone on the planet.


Our goal is to become the India’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective solar solutions for a brighter future.

Values at the Core

We always believe and act by our basic values

  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Dedication

We are committed to providing the best PV solutions through a creative business approach, operational excellence, and technological expertise.

Company Overview

"Matri Shree Techno Industries (MSTI)" is a forerunner manufacturing firm dedicated to improving the world's environment for a brighter future. With renewable energy being the world's future and solar being one of the most promising renewable energy sources, we aim to reach every corner of the globe to protect the environment and provide electricity to everyone for a long time.

Matri Shree Techno Industries makes high-quality crystalline panels ranging from 10 to 405 watts in a highly advanced and automated manufacturing plant and prefers SUNLIT Mono Perc PV Modules for high efficiency.


  • In 2012, matrishree'ans established the Matri Shree Charitable Trust in remembrance of Late Smt Vibha Shree Gupta.
  • The Indian Trust Act of 1882 is used to register the trust.
  • The Trust has received an 80G certificate from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The government gives tax exemption on monies donated to various charitable funds and organizations formed by the government to solicit contributions. Section 80G applies to certain situations.
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  • The major goal is to assist needy/disabled children, support/encourage them to pursue an education, and contribute to society somehow.

80G Tax Rebate

1. In order to attract contributions to certain charitable funds and organizations established by the government it offers tax exemption on amounts you donate to them. These are covered under section 80G.

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